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Melancholy and force. Women’s sensitivity and unbridled power concealed within a voice rooted in the ancient world.


Unrestricted as only space itself - a place where nature and delicate emotions collide. Karolina's music is strongly linked to native Polish culture. With each sound you can hear her deep bond with slavic roots. A band of outstanding musicians and backing vocal group of women singing in an open, archaic manner give strength and color to every sound. Still, in the center of it all is Karolina - her deep and stirring voice, belting out notes in various techniques: from whispering to scream singing. With a modern approach to each sound, despite its classical entourage, Karolina's music transcends boundaries.

A true soliloquy of sound encapsulated in a world full of various instruments from around the globe, vocal techniques (archaic, slavic, folk and Tuvan throat singing), touching melodies and rhythms. It’s a journey through music immersed in the life of the forest, the wilderness and the yearning for it, dormant under the skin of every human being.

Band members:

Karolina Skrzyńska – lead vocals, hurdy gurdy

Magdalena Pamuła, Aleksandra Zawłocka, Dorota Kołodziej - backing vocals

Bart Pałyga – cello, tarhu, suka bilgorajska, overtone singing

Mateusz Szemraj – oud, dulcimer, guitar

Wojciech Lubertowicz – daf, bas drum, bendir, cajon, duduk

Wojciech Pulcyn – double bass

Hubert Giziewski – accordion

Each song is another mysterium, sparingly, but originally orchestrated with an emphasis on the beautiful, diverse range of the artist. Karolina Skrzyńska has an incredibly powerful voice, with which she can do literally anything: sing a lullaby under her breath, cry out loud, articulating each lyric, all while displaying daring vocals. Always with full commitment and lightness.


KAROLINA is a singer, violinist, composer and lyricist. She has been developing her nearly four octave ranged voice in many different ways: having trained classically and excelling in pop and traditional-folk singing. She has also absorbed the specific characteristics of Turkish music. Her strong musical sensibility, self awareness and the need to express what is close to heart, have influenced Karolina to create a her own unique sound, above any cultural and stylistic divisions. She is inspiring, interesting and memorable. Her music is outside the box of any particular style, it can’t be categorized. The unmistakable sound is the result of Karolina's unique voice, fine-tuned melodies, her own poetic lyrics, and the use of instruments from all over the world. Her second album „Written on the water” (2017) oscillate between Slavic traditional music and modern flavors from different parts of the world.

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